MESH Consultancy Gets Staff in Line With TimeTec TA

May 05, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

MESH Consultancy & Training Centre PLT, formerly known as MESH Training Centre, was established in 2001 to serve the Malaysian and international industrial needs for health, safety & environment (HSE) advisory, consultancy and training services.

The company provides HSE Advisory, Consultancy & Industry Leading Training Programmes for aerospace, manufacturing, military, warehousing, construction, oil & gas and many other industries. MESH prides itself in advocating a safe and healthy workplace for employees whilst ensuring all business operations are environmentally conscious. MESH is renowned for catering to the needs of diverse industries to inculcate safe working culture, a healthy working environment and minimizing any damage to the environment that we all live in.

Headquartered in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, MESH has few other branches in the city, and some of the staff are working on the field. Having an attendance device only at the headquarters makes it hard for those staff working elsewhere to report their attendance. Furthermore, the management has no tool to trace the whereabouts of the field staff, hence unable to monitor their effectiveness.

To consolidate all the attendance data in one system, MESH turns to TimeTec TA, a cloud-based Time Attendance System that can cater to all types of working conditions and locations. TimeTec TA offers four types of clocking methods on App which includes GPS, Wifi, Beacon and NFC. Plus, it can receive data from biometric devices under the brand name of FingerTec and ZK Teco.

Recently MESH subscribes to TimeTec TA, and uses beacon and GPS as options for employees to clock attendance. Beacons are fixed at branches for staff to clock in with their App, and those who work on the field can tap on the GPS clock to record their attendance. Now, all on field employees do not have excuses of no attendance data because the office has made it easy for them to clock attendance using a smartphone. The system records the GPS coordinates and turns them into locations for record purposes. TimeTec TA combines all data from biometrics, beacons and GPS for a holistic attendance report. Besides, staff can also generate attendance reports immediately through App and Web without referring to the HR.

Having one system that can cater to all requirements is such a relief for MESH, and now they can focus on providing health, safety & environmental issues for many more clients.

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