Intralink Techno Sdn Bhd Manages Employee Leave Better with TimeTec Leave

December 01, 2021 TimeTec 1 Comments

Established in April 1999, Intralink Techno Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for the Energy (Oil & Gas & Power), Cooling Tower, FPSO, petrochemical industries and unique application for the industrial markets and infrastructure facilities. The company has over 20 years of experience manufacturing FRP composite using Isophathalic Polyester or Vinylester resin systems. Their "INTECH'' brand of FRP systems has also been exported to the Middle East, South East Asia, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and the European Region.

With such high demands from various industries, Intralink Techno Sdn Bhd employs a high percentage of foreign labour to fulfil its production. Dealing with an intensive labour setting, the company found it problematic to use the manual leave system to tackle leave management. Unfortunately, the manual leave system they used has produced scattered leave data that inconvenience HR and employees; users are oblivious about their leave balance, resulting in complicated accruals for HR every year-end. Thus, as they advance, the company can't afford to stay with the current manual system, and they are ready to embrace what digitalization offers.

TimeTec Leave, the smart leave system, offers an instant solution to their leave management predicament. TimeTec Leave offers convenient leave applications and approvals via the app, where the staff's leave balance is constantly updated in the app for the staff to access and do away with a call to the HR department every time they want to apply for leave. All the staff's leave data is available in the app, updated and ready for use at any time. Now, the staff can apply for their leave straight from the smartphone and receive the approval results through the same channel. No more tedious form filling is necessary for everybody.

On the HR side, staff leave accruals are done automatically because TimeTec Leave provides systematic and accurate leave accruals based on rules set by the company initially, which saves the company and HR a lot of time and stress from this process at every end of the year.

One of the favourite features for Intralink is that the management and HR can access the complete leave records and reports from anywhere at any time, and all the data is up-to-date and accurate. For example, the data from TimeTec Leave can provide the company with an insight into its labour leave pattern, making it easier for the company to manage the staff during crunch periods throughout the year, especially during festive holidays.  

TimeTec Leave comes with a Web and an App at one price, and it helps staff leave management in more ways than you can imagine. So if your company is facing problems with employees' complicated leave management, let TimeTec helps you solve the problems seamlessly.

Contact Mr. Jia Jun at or at 03-80709933 for a consultation.

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