TimeTec Attendance: Summary of New Features (2021)

December 28, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

Covid-19 has produced new norms, and it has evolved time attendance like never before and accelerated the trend of attendance clocking towards cloud and App-based systems. Hence, we must stay ahead with our updates on TimeTec Attendance to keep up with this rising trend. With the year 2021 coming to an end, here is the summary of past updates that TimeTec Attendance has implemented.

New features are essential for this dynamic environment; TimeTec has introduced numerous features like Working Location, an option to create Working Locations (e.g. HQ, On-Site, Work from Home, etc.) to pair with clocking methods/ devices. This feature enables accurate data flow for reports. However, it does not stop there; TimeTec adds further enhancements and pairs it with a map and pointers marking all users’ actual clocking locations.
Work Location Map View
With everyone slowly adjusting to the new norm, we foresee outstation travel to revert as usual. Hence, TimeTec introduces this new feature, Outstation Travel Request Approval. This approval request aims to track and store staff travel records for administrative, health or safety purposes. In addition, enhancement was added where the admin could click on the suitcase icon to view the outstation travel details under roster, showing a list of employees in this category. 

Outstation Travel Request Approval

Data is a crucial asset for a company; hence, we strive to improve our data flow and completeness. Various reports are added and optimized; there are Labour Forecast Report, User Approval Method Report, Work Location Report, Weekly Staff Duty Roster Repor, Monthly Staff Duty Roster Report and many more. If we were to scope it down, TimeTec has brought down the processing time of 100,000 Month By Month Report from 8.68 minutes to 2.21 minutes. Minor adjustments are also worth mentioning, as these would contribute to the ultimate goal of data completeness. It ranges from user count on Work Location Report, updated work rate calculation formula on Day by Day Analysis Report, the list goes on.

Convenience is the building block of TimeTec Attendance. Several updates directly address this manner. The menu in TimeTec TA Web has been relocated to help admins navigate the system better. NFC clocking has been made available for iOS users, presenting more clocking options for iOS users. In addition, the home admin dashboard has been updated, splitting the ‘No Clocking’ into two new segments, ‘Shift Hasn't Started’ and ‘Absent’.
Split ‘No Clocking’ category into ‘Absent’ & ‘Shift Hasn't Started’

Ultimately, TimeTec has constructed TimeTec Office, where human resource management systems are merged into one Super App to support a greater ecosystem. The Super App includes Time Attendance, Leave, Claim and Access. TimeTec has always focused on elevating user experiences to put us on the right track to achieve ‘TimeTec One’, ‘Where all TimeTec System Combined’.

This content only summarises new features in 2021; for a complete list of new features, please visit TimeTec TA Features. TimeTec will continue to serve our users better and uplift our service to the next level for the years to come. Like always, TimeTec pledges to deliver solutions that fulfil the demands of tomorrow.