TNB Remaco Subscribes to Triple TimeTec Solutions to Improve Workforce Management

February 22, 2022 TimeTec 1 Comments

TNB Repair And Maintenance Sdn.Bhd. (TNB REMACO) was established in 1995 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). TNB REMACO is a specialist in operation & maintenance (O&M), overhaul, and repair & maintenance (R&M) of energy-related industry, emphasizing on power plants such as gas, steam and hydro turbines, boiler, generator and many more.
The company's technical experience and competencies cover all the product lines of the world's leading names in power plants and ancillary equipment. In addition, TNB REMACO's solutions and services cover installation and equipment of all sizes, types, and makes, ranging from small and straightforward to massive installations within and outside Malaysia.
TNB REMACO has made inroads into the international arena, and its growth has already gained a foothold in the overseas market, including power plants in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kuwait.

In 2022, TNB REMACO is looking to strengthen its workforce management using the latest technology available.

They focus on three areas: attendance, leave management, and claim.
On attendance, the company had a problem managing the attendance and the overtime of those who work onsite. Not only that the manual way is tedious for HR to handle, but the Google Form they implemented also did not function well, and it became hard for the supervisors to monitor the whereabouts of the staff onsite. 
On leave management, the physical forms are all over the place, making it difficult to trace the previously applied leaves. In addition, some of the manual forms are missing, causing dissatisfaction in staff when HR did not manage their leave applications properly, let alone the balance. 
On claim management, the issues are the same with the manual method. Some claims went missing to the dismay of the staff.  
Therefore, TNB REMACO decided to shift the manual system to automated systems with TimeTec Triple Solutions, TimeTec TA for Attendance, TimeTec Leave for Leave Management, and TimeTec Claim for Claim Management.

TimeTec is the trusted brand in workforce management cloud-based solutions. Its solutions centralize all data, and they are accessible by the admin from any browser worldwide, making monitoring and reporting more manageable than ever before.

Through TimeTec TA, the staff clock in and out using the app, and the HR and managers can easily access the staff attendance and calculate their staff OT from the system. In addition, the onsite staff can report their duty effectively from each location. The responsibility to report attendance now is solely on the staff's shoulders because the management has provided an effective tool.


The staff also are provided with TimeTec Leave mobile app, which makes it convenient for them to apply for leave through their smartphone. The superiors approve the applications through the app as well, and once the approvals are given, the leave balance is updated instantly. In addition, TimeTec Leave has eliminated the need for forms, and it automates company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leave and other rules. Each leave application detail was recorded and easily retrieved in TimeTec Leave for years.

And another solution that TNB REMACO subscribes to is the latest, TimeTec Claim. Now, staff can apply for claims via the app. The staff only needs to fill up the claim details and present the proofs required before submitting the claim at their convenience. In addition, with TimeTec Claim, the staff is clear about the company's claim policies, as the company can automate the policy efficiently into the system. The claim application's progress is also transparent in the app, and the staff can view the claim history in their app.

Now that TNB REMACO has shifted to cloud solutions for attendance, leave and claim, HR can focus on other areas of human resource improvement rather than the mundane workforce management.

TimeTec offers various solutions for Workforce Management, and a company can implement one solution at a time or follow TNB REMACO and implement three at one go for better management. Contact our sales at or call 03-80709933 for more information on what's available and how to make it better for you.

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