Cloud Systems Translate to A Better Human Resource Management for ITBM

January 21, 2022 TimeTec 2 Comments

Digitalisation has forced various institutions and companies to switch to better systems, away from the cumbersome manual approach. The importance of data fluidity in today's operation is so apparent that many organisations couldn't afford to defer investment for the latest systems because the absence of recent data costs organisations even more than investing in practical systems.

For the Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books, when the fingerprint machines at their office ceased to provide them with the efficiency they expected, they decided to change their whole attendance system to cloud-based digital attendance for a seamless operation.

The institute, acronym as ITBM (Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia), was established almost 30 years ago in 1993 to elevate the translation industry in Malaysia. The institute deals with translation, interpretation, and knowledge transfer at all national and international levels. The institute is also tasked with enhancing and increasing the publication of works of local writers to boost the national publishing industry. In addition, they also provide a professional development centre promoting the method, technique and art of translation, interpreting and information exchange in various languages, and a human resource development centre training and enhancing the skills of translators, editors, interpreters and other language professionals to fulfil the country's needs at national and international levels, among other services.

Dealing with translation talents who often have to visit customers' sites instead of only staying in the office makes ITBM require a system to show them the overall view of staff availability and activities for better employee management. With the switch to a better biometric recognition device coupled with cloud-based attendance TimeTec TA, ITBM is now receiving real-time data of all their employees' attendance at all times. In addition, human resources and managers can monitor their staff's attendance easily via their own mobile apps, giving them up to the minute updates all day long. Besides, the on-site staff can report their duty effectively from each of their locations using the same method. The use of TimeTec TA has provided ITBM transparency about their staffs' whereabouts beyond expectation.

On top of the cloud-based attendance, ITBM also subscribes to TimeTec cloud-based leave system, TimeTec Leave, for more efficient staff leave management. Through TimeTec Leave, the staff can apply for various leaves and obtain approval from their superiors through the TimeTec Leave mobile. Similarly, human resources can easily automate company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leave, and other rules in the software for uniform and more professional handling of staff's leave. Furthermore, TimeTec Leave records each leave application details for easier reference, and each transaction is updated and reflected in each staff's leave balance and entitlement. In addition, now HR will have a seamless linking of the leave system to the payroll system to reduce the end-of-month workload.

All in all, ITBM has successfully digitalised its attendance and leave systems, complete with the convenience of apps with TimeTec.

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