TimeTec Payroll is Now Available for the Malaysia Market

January 28, 2022 TimeTec 3 Comments

Yes, you've heard it right! TimeTec Payroll is now ready, and we're excited to share some of the details with you.

TimeTec Payroll is a cloud-based payroll solution catered for the Malaysian market to offer you a complete HR solution combined with other TimeTec solutions. TimeTec Payroll now completes the HR offering along with TimeTec TA for attendance, TimeTec Leave for leave management, TimeTec Claim for employees claim system, and TimeTec Hire for the new hire. 

Here are FIVE reasons to be excited about TimeTec Payroll


Seamless integration with TimeTec TA

Gone were the days when you had to export the attendance data from TimeTec TA when you started using TimeTec Payroll. Instead, you just need to log in TimeTec Payroll to view the readily calculated payroll in the system; it is as easy as that.


Automatic Payroll Calculation

TimeTec Payroll puts an end to manual calculations. Instead of spending so much time preparing the calculations, you just need to set your payroll calculation settings for EPF, SOCSO, LHDN and payroll in TimeTec Payroll accordingly. Not only that it's automatic, but it's also accurate and saves you a few good hours.


Online Pay Transactions
TimeTec Payroll is integrated with local banks in Malaysia to ease online payments for salary, EPF, SOCSO, or LHDN, and all are completed from one place for your convenience and efficiency.

Automatic Payslip Distribution
TimeTec Payroll will send employees their payslips automatically via email when the payroll is ready, reducing the number of questions HR need to answer to staff every month.

Practical, Paperless System

TimeTec Payroll simplifies and automates the whole system to reduce administrative monthly updating work significantly. In addition, TimeTec Payroll is online, reducing the need for printing and paper distribution to the advantage of everybody.

Are your payroll team heavily loaded each month-end when it's closing and pay time? Do you wish to have a centralized system that can simplify this process? TimeTec Payroll could be the solution you are looking for. Our team is ready to show you what TimeTec Payroll can do. Contact us at info@timeteccloud.com or call 03-80709933

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