TimeTec TA Solves Attendance Data Flow Woes at PUNB

February 18, 2022 TimeTec 0 Comments

Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) is established to enhance the participation and involvement of Bumiputera in entrepreneurship and to develop a dynamic, resilient, progressive Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community (BCIC) in Malaysia. PUNB is fully committed to being the champion in developing Bumiputera SMEs and entrepreneurs in the retail and distributive trade sector in Malaysia and the international arena by providing a business model that focuses on providing an integrated entrepreneurial package comprising business financing and support.

In managing its extensive human resources, the company struggled to integrate its attendance software with biometric attendance devices. Unfortunately, the devices did not fully push the attendance data into the software and caused some critical data to their disadvantages. Hence, HR could not automatically track the attendance data from other branches and instead needed to collect the attendance report every month from the admin. Moreover, the previous system could not integrate with the payroll software, making things more difficult for HR every month. To make matters worse, the limitation on GPS geofence required them to set the GPS geofence daily and caused the extra workload to the HR and Admin.

In short, the solution that promised them convenience has failed to deliver, and they are looking for a solution that can solve all these annoyances in totality.

Hence, PUNB agreed to test TimeTec TA for one month before implementing the entire system company-wide. Overall, after the one month trial period, they are happy with TimeTec TA, as all the data from all devices are fully synced into TimeTec TA automatically without any hiccups or missing data. In addition, attendance data is available in real-time, making it easy for supervisors and managers to keep an eye on the staff, even those working at other branches. Besides, TimeTec TA can also integrate with the third-party payroll software to significantly reduce HR and Finance's workload each month. TimeTec TA also comes with an agile GPS Geofence feature that eases staff's clock-in using the Mobile phone as a second option when they have reached their working location, without incurring their extra dollars.
Now, PUNB can breathe easy knowing that their workforce management data is well taken care of with TimeTec TA. TimeTec TA is offered at a minimum of RM5 a month per user for a comprehensive, centralized and automated attendance system loaded with valuable features.

If TimeTec TA can fulfil the requirements of PUNB, TimeTec TA definitely can fulfil your company's requirements. Connect with us to know what we can offer to your benefit. Mr. Amirul Muim at 014-5154970 or wanamirul@timeteccloud.com for a consultation.