Tampin District and Land Office Deploys TimeTec TA for A Better Attendance System

December 28, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

The Tampin District and Land Office is the district administration centre under the Negeri Sembilan Government. The office's role is to administer and control development, social formation, and property management throughout the Tampin District through its three divisions; Management Services, Development, and Land Management.

With the growing staff, the office looked for a better system to manage its workforce post-pandemic. For example, even though they used face recognition biometrics as an attendance tool, their device is not equipped with a body temperature sensor to trace feverish employees. Therefore, the management deems that it is time to change to a safer system to curb the spread of the virus right at the entry points. In addition, the office is also looking for a system to trace their mobile employees who work on-site or attend outside assignments. The fixed biometrics system cannot provide them with the attendance data of those who work outside of the office, and therefore, the attendance data is not complete with a chunk of their employees missing. Another new feature sought-after in the new system is integrating attendance data with the payroll software for a more systematic payroll preparation every month. Plus, the current overtime application is not systematic, resulting in hiccups in operation.

To ensure that all employees' body temperatures are scanned before accessing the office, the Tampin District and Land Office install the latest Face ID 5 TD.  Now, the employees only have to verify their faces at the machine, and the temperature data be available in the software in real-time. Additionally, employees who work outside the office or from home have to use TimeTec TA App on their smartphones to clock attendance, either using the GPS feature on the App or beacon, and the system will centralize all the attendance data for easy viewing.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based attendance system that records and processes data in real-time for easy monitoring and processing. All admin officers can access the software via any browser to check on any information. In addition, with TimeTec TA, staff can apply for overtime through their smartphones, and the supervisor can approve through the same channel. TimeTec TA also fulfils the requirement to integrate the attendance data with payroll software seamlessly.

The practicality of TimeTec TA has helped the Tampin District and Land Office to manage its workforce effectively. No more scattered data and lack of tools for workforce management with TimeTec TA.

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