TimeTec Featured at the 2021 International Property Management & Procurement Expo in Hong Kong

December 02, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

From 4th to 6th November 2021, FingerTec's partner in Hong Kong, Founder Global Tech, took part in the 2021 International Property Management & Procurement Expo, held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The International Property Management & Procurement Expo has long served as a platform to feature the latest services and products offerings from property management industry players in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Asia. It has also become an important event for the players to foster business relationships over the years. This year, the expo featured new and innovative technologies that include the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to address the demand for enhanced service quality and experience, the rapid development of the economy, and the real estate market that demands a better living and working environment.


The expo received a great response despite the Covid-19 situation, and it gathered diverse international companies and suppliers of property management.

Highlighting biometrics technology with cloud solutions, Founder Global Tech showcased the latest FingerTec devices, Face ID 5 series, which offers multiple biometric verification methods; and how it links seamlessly to TimeTec TA, the cloud-time and attendance; providing buyers with the latest contactless technologies, sought-after during this Covid episode and beyond. In addition, Founder Global Tech also focused on TimeTec Patrol, the cloud system for guard patrol that records details of guard movements during patrol rounds and is an excellent tool for guards to communicate with the supervisor in case of emergency or reporting of incidents. Having real-time occurrences recorded is a plus point for TimeTec Patrol, mainly when serving property management.

Founder Global Tech, an associated company of the reputed Founder Group in China, was established in Hong Kong in 2004. Supported by its core technology, Founder Global Tech has developed a comprehensive range of information technology products and services: professional publishing, digital rights management, digital scanning, electronic library, biometric products, catering to customers' needs in the Asia-Pacific region.
If you are interested in FingerTec devices or TimeTec solution, contact our partner, Founder Global Tech, at (852) 3188 2421 or contact Mr. Dave Cheng at dave.cheng@foundergt.com.hk.