Digital Building Ecosystem (5/13): Awakening Patrol Guards

May 31, 2021 TimeTec 1 Comments

“One day, we discovered that our guards did the patrol duty they were supposed to do by touring the entire area, but all inside their guardhouse without sweating themselves out. How did they do it? Easy. They removed the checkpoints from the designated locations, tag them all using the handheld reader inside the guardhouse. How would your cloud-based patrol system solve this problem?” A residential condominium Joint Management Body or known as JMB Chairman, asked. 

“No issue with TimeTec Patrol because the NFC (Near Field Communication) tags we use as checkpoints can be geofenced in our system. It means when an NFC tag is removed from its designated location, it will notify the admin, and it can no longer be used as a checkpoint, preventing any form of dishonesty. And, we have patented this technology in Malaysia and the United States,” explained Teh Hon Seng, Founder and CEO of TimeTec Group. 

Teh Hon Seng, Founder and CEO of TimeTec Group
The weakness of the conventional guard tour system is obvious. The supervisor needs to go to each checkpoint to collect the data weekly and report to the management weekly or monthly. Imagine if a site has 100 checkpoints and 12 different tours daily, the management may not want to thoroughly check a plain report stack. 

TimeTec Patrol, as part of the TimeTec Digital Building solutions, improved the patrol system by sending a real-time notification to a supervisor, security head, or any management member they set as admin via mobile phones. For example, if missed punch or late punch or not follow the routes, the system will auto-send notification. The change of task assignments and checklist during the tour also can be distributed easily using the system too.  

“It’s time to revolutionize the patrol system because security cannot wait. When things happen are related to security, it causes the loss of life and asset. You don’t want to pay RM20K to RM50K a month engaging a guard service, only to find out that they’re not guarding your property properly. And, for TimeTec Patrol System, you just need to pay RM500 for 100 checkpoints a month to ensure that guard duty is carried out accordingly.”  

“We spent three years developing TimeTec Patrol System back in 2016, and now we are one of the few among the world’s renowned cloud-based guard tour systems. We have now close to 10 thousand guards using the system in their guard tours operation daily. We have a wide range of real-estate customers subscribed to our TimeTec Patrol system to safeguard their properties ranging from residential to office towers, factories to warehouses, schools to hospitals, showrooms to shopping malls, etc. And quite many security companies take the initiative to subscribe to our patrol system which they stand a better chance in sales pitch by providing a trackable and better quality assurance in security for their clients.”

Teh highlighted connectivities of TimeTec Patrol with other TimeTec cloud solutions that enhanced security. “Any housing project installed with TimeTec Smart Alarm (SIRIM and MCMC certified) and TimeTec Patrol and TimeTec i-Neighbour, it gives extra protection to house owners because any alarm triggered will alert the guardhouse and guard in patrol to provide immediate and timely assistance.”

“For commercial buildings, it associates with TimeTec Tenant and TimeTec Smart Workforce System, which can provide great help during a fire roll call activity to identify and evacuate everybody from the building.”  

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