Digital Building Ecosystem (4/12): Know Your Visitors

May 31, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

How to enhance security on the one hand and let the visitors feel welcomed, on the other hand? It seems like the choice is either; to offer both is almost impossible for building management.

For multi-tenanted commercial buildings, even the management has difficulty knowing all their tenants and employees, and when it comes to visitors, almost everybody is a stranger and rarely a familiar friend.
"On-arrival visitor registration is still a common practice now; it's awful to see quite some modern buildings are still using logbook to register their visitors. Pre-registration is the trend to solve the queue problem and improve visitor experience, but extending it to automation in access control is the real plus point, " Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group, commented on the visitor system for TimeTec Digital Building Solutions.  
Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group

"Imagine the pre-registered visitors can use the QR code and face recognition to get through much simpler security clearance to access the car park, turnstile, lift to designated floors and doors. But without a cloud system for visitor management, the extension of visitation out of a building is harder to achieve," he said. 
"Unlike single company occupied building, even with cloud, to achieve the smooth visitation flow for the multi-tenanted commercial tower is no easy task, because the commitment of tenants and their staff is the key factor in implementation. A single-purpose App is less attractive, and you can't force your tenants to download an App just for guest invitation only."

"Besides visitor management, our TimeTec App has packed with all other necessities such as communication, access control, security, facility booking, commerce and payment etc., which are the common activities in a commercial building."
"You need to improve the tenant engagement; only then the visitor engagement will come naturally. Know your tenants; only then you will get to know your visitors better while you enhance the security and visitor experience at the same time." 

With many readily available modules, TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem helps modern building management ease daily operations.

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