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May 05, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

CA Cleaning Service Sdn Bhd, a homegrown company, located in Alam Damai Cheras, provides cleaning services and maintenance for businesses such as shopping malls, hypermarkets, offices, schools, factories, etc. They also provide Mobile Cleaning Service, commonly known as part-time cleaning, to Malaysia's residential and commercial areas.

CACS is currently growing fast in every aspect to meet the industry's demand. The vision is to continue increasing the demand for maintenance in the cleaning industry with the latest technology for every cleaning service we provide at a reasonable price. They believe that the constant demands for their service make the company and the employees grow in response to the challenges. Ultimately, their goal is to become the largest independent local cleaning service and supplier.

In making sure that the company achieves the set goals, human resource management is critical, as they can't be having orders not fulfilled by the absence of cleaners. One area which needs attention is employee leave management, and the current system requires that staff apply for leave through a physical form.

Five common weaknesses of leave system using the physical form:

1. Ineffective Process Operation
The staff must get the form from the office and submit the form to the administration for processing. This method poses various challenges to the field workers who have to come to the office to apply for leave.

2. Hard to Trace Who is Taking Leave
After the approvals have been secured, there is no centralized platform for the management to check who is taking leave on any day.

3. Unavailable Leave History
The staff cannot track their previous leave history as there is no system to support these requirements.

4. Leave Balance Question Mark
The staff is unclear about their balance details, entitlement, balance etc., and they have to always check with HR for the updated information.

5. Data All Over the Place
Forms contain all data necessary for a company. However, without tabulation and centralization of the form, there is no data to assist management in decision-making or improving overall operations.

CACS found the solution in TimeTec Leave.
Five significant improvements made through TimeTec Leave include:

TimeTec Leave provides a mobile application for each user, making it easy for the staff to apply for their leave through a mobile app with a few simple clicks.

Who's Taking Leave?
By having the app available on the mobile phone, supervisors and management have a clear idea of the workforce's strength at any given time.

Accessible Leave Data
Staff and management can check for the leave data from their gadget for the leave balance, approvals, and other details.

HR Process Improvement
TimeTec Leave automates the leave management from A to Z, making it easier for HR to manage the overall leave management.

Data for Better HR Management
Now that all leave data of all staff is available and centralized, the management can generate reports to improve overall operation.

A digitalization exercise on only one area of the business's operation provides CACS with efficiency and insight that one never experiences before.

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