E-Park Penang Digitalizes Visitor Management with iNeighbour

May 05, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

One aspect of a modern highrise residence that requires systematic management is the visitor. Visitors coming and going into a gated guarded area must have a clear record and traceability for the security and safety of the community. Therefore, the E-Park condominium located in Gelugor Pulau Pinang chooses iNeighbour that provides them with improved visitor management and much more.

E-Park, a highrise condominium with 360 units, used manual logbook registration to manage its everyday visitors. Not only that it slowed down the registration process, but it also complicated matters when visitors wanted to park overnight at the condominium. They needed to go to the management office to secure the form for registration, waited for the approval, before coming to the residence. All of the hassles are not visitor-friendly and reduces the overall quality of life.

iNeighbour, as a community App, presents E-Park with modern Visitor Management and other valuable features that come along with it. The iNeighbour digitalizes visitor activities and prompts unit owners when the visitor checks in or checks out via the App. Residents can preregister their visitors using iNeighbour App, and the guests will receive a QR code for easy access after a quick verification at the guardhouse. Visitors also can walk in with a more straightforward registration and verification. All the audit trails of the visits are available in the App for future reference. The shift to iNeighbour gives a breath of fresh air to the community knowing that the visitors are welcome to their residence at any time.

Apart from visitor management, iNeighbour also offers the residents useful features like announcements, facility booking, manage events, e-payment and many more at only one price, for an improved modern lifestyle a condominium should have.

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