Accurate and Efficient Temperature Checks at Brunei EV Launch with BoTEMP-X

May 28, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

On March 25, 2021, Brunei EV held its 1st Electric Vehicle Expo to launch the Electric Vehicle Pilot Project. “The project is in line with the Brunei Climate Change Secretariat (BNCCP) which will pave the way towards low carbon emission and the country’s resilience in facing climate change, ” said permanent secretary of energy, Haji Azhar bin Haji Yahya.
With much concern for the environment, they do not forget the current pandemic situation while holding the event. For safety measures, the event requires mandatory temperature checks for the event visitors. Mandatory temperature checking is regulated at the venue for all attendees using the TimeTec BoTEMP-X.

TimeTec BoTEMP-X is a fully Automated Smart Body Temperature Reader with built-in indicators and LED display, senses body temperature through a palm within 5 to 10 cm distance for user’s comfort and convenience. It is easily integrated with biometrics and card readers, making it an economical and effective solution to remedy the ongoing pandemic situation the world is facing today. TimeTec BoTEMP-X also works as a standalone reader through relay interface, as an easy plug-and-play solution.

When the temperature hits the fever level, it will trigger an alarm, making it a convenient line of defence for businesses fighting against Covid-19.
TimeTec partner in Brunei, Oregon System is incharge of the installation of TimeTec BoTEMP-X in the event. Oregon Systems was incorporated in 1991, providing security related solutions for homes and offices in Brunei.

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