Digital Building Ecosystem (2/13): TimeTec Tenant Management Improves Engagement

May 05, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

The lack of technology involvement makes tenant management a non-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process for a commercial building, which means keeping a good relationship with tenants is much less critical than fees-related activities such as collecting rental, maintenance fee, sinking fund, season parking fee, etc.

At present, most of the existing commercial building owners or property management companies neither offer mobile App to tenants for a two-way communication nor extended the service to tenants' employees for more useful activities. How to add more values to modern building management?

TimeTec Tenant/ Resident Management

"One of the predicaments of tenant management is the difficulty of getting announcements to reach every tenant and employees. For example, during a duress situation, when they need to evacuate everyone from the building immediately, including visitors, how would they do it? This is a matter of life and death. Thus, a modern tenant management system should make it a default feature for the good of everybody," said Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group.

TimeTec QF Master App, reading QR Code & Face Recognition for Access Control.

He stressed that today's professional tenant management system should widen its perspective. They ought to have comprehensive functionalities that allow management to improve engagement with their tenants and tenants' employees, and even with visitors visiting their building.

According to Teh Hon Seng, "The system should allow tenants to book facilities, to make payments, to report incidents, to register events, to request defect repairs, to renew car park season passes, to invite visitors, to poll for an opinion, etc.; all in one App."

He continues, "You have to incorporate IoT access control of the common area into the tenant management system, for example, turnstiles at your lobby, elevators, car parks, doors, to achieve a more secure yet convenience people flow environment. Tenants' credential using face recognition or QR code for the physical accesses can be stored in tenant mobile phone."

Since last year, TimeTec has worked together with KONE, the world's third-largest elevator manufacturer, to integrate its DX Series, which has an elevator's IoT capability, to TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem, to mark the arrival of a new era in access control for building management. - Teh Hon Seng, Chief Executive Officer, TimeTec Group

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TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem

"When building management knows how to collect and connect data from one activity flow to another, they can revamp and refine their operations, and even create new streams of revenue by integrating with our available commerce modules, i-Ad, i-Merchants and TimeTec Mart," explained Teh Hon Seng.

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