Tongee Keeps the Workforce in Line with TimeTec TA

July 26, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

Tongee (KL) Sdn. Bhd. is the subsidiary of Tongee Group, the leading Market Expansion Services provider for organizations that aspire to grow their business in new or existing markets in Malaysia. The core activities of the Group are centred around sales and marketing of FMCG products with warehousing and logistic support. Tongee also has in-depth knowledge of supply-chain strategy from B2B-to-B2C, and it has more than 7000 affiliate partners in MALAYSIA.

Enduring the pandemic's impact on its operations, Tongee found a way to manage the workforce who are now scattered at homes, in the office, on the move, and on-site. Previously, everybody clocked in the biometrics system installed at the office before going about their daily business. However, the method is no longer relevant because the government only permits 40% of the workforce in the office during office hours. Therefore, Human Resources must figure out how to get everybody into a centralized system and have the attendance data integrated with the payroll system for seamless workforce management. They also require a system that can cater to overtime applications and approvals, making payroll processing smoother.

TimeTec TA, a cloud-based Time Attendance System, is the best choice for Tongee, and here are why: 

GPS clocking in TimeTec TA mobile app makes attendance recording easy for everybody, especially those working from home and on-site. All employees need to log into the App and tap on GPS clocking to record attendance. The system records the time along with the GPS whereabouts of the employee. Besides, it also supports photo attachment and remarks if the office needs more details or visual proofs. 

Attendance data is available in real-time. As soon as the employee clocks, data is instantly recorded in the server, accessible to the supervisor/management for monitoring and processing.

TimeTec provides a convenient tool for OT Application/ Approval via App. Staff can apply overtime through the App; the approval process also goes through the same process for fast and efficient operation. The company can quickly mitigate discrepancies found in OT data, complete with audit trails for better transparency.

TimeTec TA software data is integrable with third-party payroll software. Currently, TimeTec TA has been readily integrated with various leading payroll providers in Malaysia. Once subscribed with TimeTec TA, the company only needs to link up the attendance data to the payroll system of choice for salary processing. 

TimeTec TA provides complete attendance records and reports for human resource and management use. These records and reports are accessible and can be generated instantly, at any time of the day, anywhere. 

In great tribulation comes a great solution, and clearly, TimeTec TA has brought about tremendous efficiency to Tongee's operation, which is beneficial for the long run. Contact us for more information about the solution!

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