ME12PAY Digital Turns to TimeTec TA to Manage WFH

July 01, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

ME12PAY Digital started with an idea from individuals who shared the same objectives in making Malaysia a cashless society within five years. ME12PAY Digital provides its customers with a simplified payment solution to make online and offline transactions safe, easy, flexible, affordable and loaded with features that everybody needs. ME12PAY Digital services help people accept payments instantly, create a virtual Bank Account, make payments, transfer money, bill payment, make donations, and many more in one platform.

When they started, the company resorted to a manual thumbprint device to record the attendance of all their employees. When everybody worked under one roof at a premise, the device seemed enough. However, when the Covid-19 problem hits the world, the management needs to adjust and allow employees to work from home. This new situation has posed a challenge for HR to get the attendance records of those at home for payroll and overall staff discipline monitoring. 

ME12PAY Digital has no other option than to choose a dynamic cloud-based system that can provide reports in real-time, and ME12PAY Digital chooses TimeTec TA

TimeTec TA offers remote attendance clocking straight from the mobile App, providing convenience for all staff to report to work, complete with GPS location information attached to the attendance record. At the same time, TimeTec TA provides a monitoring tool for HR to manage all the scattered staff in one centralized system. The management also can access the system for reports, trends and detailed information at any time. 

TimeTec TA is a win-win solution for employees and employers because of its transparency. Employees can see their attendance details directly from the App and request changes if they find discrepancies in their work time calculation. Approvals can also be done instantly via the App, as the information required is provided in the App for managers to make informed decisions. 

Subscribing to TimeTec TA is not adding a hole in ME12PAY Digital's pocket; the solution is low cost, scalable, and works everywhere worldwide. Instead, TimeTec TA adds the efficiency that modern companies need in moving forward. 

Are your company having the same problems of managing your work-from-home staff?
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