iNeighbour Smart Community System Matches Nova 72 Posh Lifestyle

July 01, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

The Northbank Project is a mixed development project that aims to provide the Kuchingite with luxurious yet affordable living with doorstep conveniences such as retail outlets, office units, and even an educational institution and a social clubhouse. Nova 72 is the posh, exclusive residence developed under this project undertaken by Ibraco Berhad in Sarawak. 

Having only 72 exclusive units, the developer sources for a community system that matches the sophisticated living they are aiming for. 

Ibraho subscribes to iNeighbour for Nova 72, as it ticks all the boxes for luxury and modern living lifestyle. iNeighbour is packed with various useful features for not only residents but also for the management and the security as well. All residents are furnished with a dedicated App that can manage visitors and other areas of their everyday living in the community like facility booking, emergency management and more. 

One key feature that Ibraco Berhad particularly interested in is the defect report module. This feature provides an excellent channel for new residents to lodge defect reports after the key collection. The process is made convenient so that nobody has to go anywhere but do everything using the App. Snap photos, provide an explanation, send the report straight to the management, and check the status progress through the App.  

In addition, iNeighbour also provides e-Billing features to simplify the billing and invoices process for residents. Everything is centralized in the App, and all residents have to do is check their App for up-to-date billing information. iNeighbour also has announcement and feedback features to strengthen communication between the management and the residents. 

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