Digital Building Ecosystem (13 of 13): Efficiency with TimeTec Workforce Management System

July 23, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

“I recalled two years ago my sales manager told me when he approached a business owner of a property management company in Johor to promote iNeighbour smart community system for residential properties, and he also briefly touched on our cloud-based time attendance system which can be used to monitor mobile staff, the business owner turned to him and said, ‘It's been a headache for us in managing the attendance of my cleaners and other remote staff for years, this is what I want, and I want it immediately, iNeighbour is interesting, but it can come later.’ And he insisted on implementing it the following week, which was a few days before Chinese New Year.” 

“And two months after, he happily told us, two of his staff resigned. My sales manager asked why, he said that our system had exposed their tardiness, they no longer can cover-up.” Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group told a story on how TimeTec Workforce Management System can help in managing staff, especially in the property management industry.

“To upkeep a building, a facility management company has to hire a team of highly efficient workforce to provide services such as integrated facilities management, hospitality and cleaning services, facility operation & maintenance, and even carry out facility audit, hence workforce management system is important.”

“Quite some property or facility management companies subscribed to TimeTec Workforce Management System to manage their mobile workforce that is dispatched to different designated buildings under their portfolio for the daily chores. The employees’ attendance clocking that can prove to the JMB or Joint Management Body either by using a biometric clocking reader that can push clocking data to the cloud, or by clocking using a smartphone that captures GPS location, and real-time to notify the supervisor or property manager.” 

Teh Hon Seng, Founder and CEO of TimeTec Group

“Sometimes, property management companies require a workforce management system that extends to access control by using a smartphone. For example, cleaners unlock a smart lock to access the facility room for cleaning jobs.” 

TimeTec Workforce Management Suite offers time and attendance, leave management and claim management, and for mobile staff, GPS clocking from one place to another automate the honest mileage claim process.   
Property management is just one of the industries that is suitable for using the TimeTec Workforce Management System to manage their staff or contract staff. In fact, we have customers from different industries like construction, logistics, manufacturing, retailers, restaurants, government sectors, chain stores, oil & gas, etc.

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This is the last announcement for TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem Series. Next Wednesday, TimeTec will start another new series for TimeTec Parking, stay tuned. 
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