Citra Embun in Mantin Subscribes to iNeighbour

November 03, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

Citra Embun is a Freehold Strata Townvilla located at Taman Bukit Citra, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, developed by Seri Pajam Development Sdn. Bhd. The residential offers five blocks of 3 & 5 storey buildings with a built-up size of approximately 956 - 1,317 sq. ft in size, and all 320 units come with three bedrooms.

Citra Embun is equipped with excellent facilities such as yoga alcove, giant chess, hopping lawn, sculpture seating, BBQ pit, gazebo, eco gym and four concept parks consisting of into the woods, the terrace, hanging garden and Edu-ture lane for a better lifestyle and environment.

This residential area is located near amenities such as shopping malls, well connected by Lekas Highway Nilai/Pajam toll, North-South Highway, and nearby KLIA.

To bring Citra Embun management to another level, they subscribe to the iNeighbour Smart Community App. The App has been proven to ease visitor management and visitor parking issues excellently because residents can pre register their visitors before the visitation date, complete with a QR code for easy access. In addition, security guards can access the information to ease visitor handling. Furthermore, the residents can view their visitor information on the App, and they can take control of who can visit their unit at all times. Apart from that, the management can disseminate announcements to residents quickly via the App, and residents can give feedback through the same App to the management for any issues they face. All in all, iNeighbour provides a better communication tool for both parties to exchange information timely and efficiently.

As of late, the pandemic has posed a more significant challenge for the management to handle highrise residentials, and iNeighbour provides the perfect contactless practical instrument to cater to the situation. For example, the facility booking in iNeighbour provides access to those who have been given permission only, and other people cannot enter those facilities. Hence, the shared facilities become more manageable during the pandemic, like the swimming pool, gymnasium, and more.

iNeighbour Smart Community App satisfies Citra Embun management, and now they are looking to apply the system to their other projects in town.

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