FingerTec Contactless Face Biometrics is the Way Forward

September 30, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to review their safety measures to match the health standards requirements that ensure the protection of everybody. While rapid vaccination drives are in full force everywhere, it still leaves no room for companies to down their guards. One of the ways for companies to amp up safety is to reduce the chance of cross contaminations between employees, which means that they have to revisit all the access devices necessary to ensure a better shield from the get-go. 

Two companies from Jordan, Freudenberg Vileda Jordan Ltd and Siniora Food Industries, the clients of FingerTec sole distributor in the country, Euro Jordan, take the initiative to secure their companies with contactless biometrics devices from FingerTec. Freudenberg Vileda Jordan Ltd, with 50 employees, added more Face ID 4 complete with enclosures to the existing Face ID they have to provide more convenience to the growing staff count. The company has always believed in the practicality of a Face ID machine, and with Covid in the picture, they take it to another level and add an enclosure to make sure that no one can touch the machine. By adding more units to the mix, employees are distributed better, improving the entry flow significantly.

On the other hand, Siniora Food Industries, an operation with 500 employees, choose Face ID 5 FTD that comes complete with a temperature sensor as their attendance and access device for their premises. The system verifies identities and records all body temperature data instantly and does not give access if anybody has a feverish temperature, securing the premises right from the start.

These precautions are crucial to reduce the chance of getting shut down if a positive case is identified inside the premises, which can be very costly if it happens frequently.

The pandemic has introduced the new normal, and FingerTec is ready to assist in that transformation, providing appropriate devices for companies to stay safe going forward.

For companies in Jordan that require contactless biometrics devices, contact Euro Jordan at +962 5520012 or for a great offer. For those from other countries, contact us at for agents in your country.