TimeTec Smart Parking 4/12: The Smart Parking Operator

August 30, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

The constant change in our life is the result of relentless technological change. Individuals, companies and societies have to warm up to change to adapt to technological advancement. Adaptation is just a passive reaction to the change. Those foresighted and pro-active will benefit more than those who are merely reactive and adapt to the change.

The same happened to the parking industry. Whether the industry players like it or not, the change is now taking place quietly. The most significant change in this industry is the role of the parking operation. It is shifting from professional parking operators to building owner or building management companies. There are more than 400 big and small parking operators in Malaysia, and the number is expected to reduce tremendously over the next 5-10 years.

What causes the decline in this number?

TimeTec Group CEO Teh Hon Seng said, “In fact, this is nothing new. Some building owners, especially shopping malls, already ran their parking operation for a long time. To them, this is a cash cow; why should they outsource it to a third party?”

Technology further drives this trend:
1. Newer and better technology is not costing more but less. Compared to parking equipment a decade, parking owners find it just two-thirds or half of the total investment.

2. The new technology improves automation and reduces staffing. For example, from cash handling parking system to cashless, it eliminates human errors, risk in cash transportation, and tedious daily processes. Besides, remote terminal management, IP intercom and multiple parking locations management, etc., turn all the complexity of parking management into a much simpler operation.
3. Reduce maintenance cost due to parking equipment getting cheaper and the use of lesser operators.

We can almost conclude that the above three factors sealed the fate of professional parking operators. But not necessarily the doom. Because when building management companies can move to manage parking operations, parking operators can likewise extend their portfolio to manage buildings, especially when the new technology in parking involves connecting parking activity to other activities related to building management such as visitor management, access control, and tenant management, etc. In short, digital transformation breaks the barrier between these two professions; hence the merging of the two businesses is the natural course of development.

“Since we uphold the concept of parking was never a standalone activity when we designed TimeTec Smart Parking System, it’s already a part of our much larger TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem. Hence, as a solution provider for a smart parking system, we foresee the trend about arriving in this industry. We are here to deliver the better transformation that will benefit the parking industry,” commented Teh Hon Seng.

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