Digital Building Ecosystem (10/13): Real Control in Access

June 30, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

For an office tower, access to parking, turnstile, lift and doors are the most common daily activities, also known as people flow. Even though all walks of life accessing a building every day, in general, there are just two types categorized in access control, tenants and visitors. How to differentiate them? It was easy in the past. Those having lanyard tied with RFID tags around their necks are tenants working in the building. An RFID tag is a credential for them to access common doors, turnstiles and lifts. Those without usually are visitors, either issued with a temporary RFID tag or assisted access to the building at the reception counter.

Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group, explained the legacy of a card system. “Card system is common. The problem is that it can be easily passed around and not necessarily tied up with user identity. The common and easiest practice in Malaysia is that property management disseminates the cards according to the number of employees per tenant, not bothering to know who they are. The very reason why the biometrics system is getting more popular, but, the adoption rate for biometrics is low for multi-tenancy properties due to its high administration cost.”    

However, the pandemic disruption in 2020 is about to change how we approach physical security in 2021 and beyond. 

Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group

According to Michael Gips, physical and cybersecurity expert, the five major access control trends after the impact of Covid-19 would be 1. Mobile access control, 2. Cloud-based security, 3. Multi-factor authentication, 4. Biometric technology, 5. Subscription-based business model. Altogether, these five major trends will translate into the following applications, 1. The rise of touchless access control, 2. New access control technology, and 3. Access control convergence and integration. 
All these technologies and application trends will go more strongly with the individual’s identity. How does multi-tenancy property keep up with the trend?
“The answer is pretty simple, go for a cloud-based solution with the self-service tenant platform to ease management,” said Teh Hon Seng.
“All roads lead to Rome, for physical access control, all the contributing technologies and applications lead to more convenience, better security and automation. Access control for the property management industry shouldn’t be standalone; convergence and integration are the key factors to achieve the ultimate objectives. That’s why our access control system is introduced as one of the major components in the TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem,” Teh added.

Face recognition and mobile access as the multi-factor authentication front-end access methods are all built under a cloud-based environment and subscription model to lower the Capex and maintenance cost. It provides a better user experience by adopting touchless access for tenants and visitors.
“Our cloud-based access control system is also integrated with Kone IoT DX Series elevator. The collaboration will help us promote TimeTec Digital Building solutions into the Asia Pacific market.”

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